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Case Studies


Spraying of extension door windows and fascias

The customer contacted us asking if we could give their extension at the back of their property a face lift. They had previously had the extension walls rendered and painted the previous year and were really happy with the walls, however they felt their existing white doors and windows looked even older due to their new white walls and the general age of the windows.

The customer decided to go for the Kolorbond anthracite grey finish with a ten year flake or fade warranty to contrast against the white walls and as you can see “the finish is spectacular“ - the customers words not ours.


Spraying a conservatory

The owner of this property contacted us to see if we could get their 15 year old conservatory looking like new again, the conservatory is south facing and gets the sun all day so the constant sun shine on the upvc frames has took its toll since it was installed. Once our technical assessor checked the conservatory to ensure the frames and sealed units where suitable to be sprayed the customer decided to go for the very popular Kolorbond anthracite grey finish that comes with a 10 year flake or fade warranty. The customer was over the moon with the finish she had visions of potentially paying thousands for new frames and windows and could not believe she got this brand new look for a fraction of the cost.


Spraying house front doors and windows

The owner of this property stopped our engineers working on a neighbouring property curious to what we were doing, he was initially sceptical at what we were doing and carried on with this day, it was a few days later he called our office to say he could not believe the quality of the finish we had achieved on his neighbours property, he invited us round to visit his property to discuss colour options and for our assessor to inspect his windows to ensure they were suitable, once we confirmed their suitability he chose the ever popular Kolorbond anthracite grey with a 10 year flake and fade warranty “the same as his neighbour” he was extremely happy with the finish and has since recommended us to two of his friends and family collecting two £25 high street vouchers for his troubles as part of our recommend a friend scheme.


Spraying of kitchen doors, kickboards and unit trims

This customer originally had their windows and doors sprayed a with ourselves and upon completion joked to our technicians it is a pity we cannot get her kitchen looking like new again just like her windows, our technician explained we can pretty much spray anything including kitchens and furniture, the customer genuinely was considering spending thousands of pounds replacing her kitchen and all of her built in appliances that she actually like using, even though when we inspected the doors and base units they were in really good condition, the customer happy with what we did on their windows decided to have the units sprayed to see what the outcome would be, as you can see the kitchen looks like new and the very happy customer has saved thousands of pounds. The fact that we can do any colour is also a bonus as customers can now have a look to their kitchen that they never felt was possible.

We use specialist coatings to spray

Choose a colour, any colour...

Our specialist spray paints are specifically formulated to adhere onto your windows or doors, becoming part of the existing structure. This means it won’t flake or crack like other paints do, giving you a perfectly seamless result that will stand the test of time.

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