How it works

Revitalising your windows and doors and giving your home a new lease of life can be easy and stress-free.

 Step 1: Get A Quote

Its quick and easy to get a quote. Click the link below or give us a call and one of our team can provide you with as much information about our products and services as you need. We will also arrange a surveyor to visit and provide you with a free no obligation accurate quote. Our surveyors can be booked around the times and days that suit you.


 Step 2: Book A Date

Once you’re happy with your quote, a deposit will be taken and an installation date booked for your works to be complete. You'll need to be home for the installation, our teams will contact you in advance to give you an accurate arrival time to ensure the job can start on time and be completed quickly & efficiently.


The Process


Prior to commencing any work we will make sure the area is clean and tidy and any items are covered and protected from our process. We will check all the windows or doors for any dents, damage or scratches. Where possible we will repair any damage.


We will clean the uPVC with specialist product to remove all dust, dirt and grease. We then apply a treatment to the surface to allow the product to adhere to the surface. This enaures the uPVC is correctly prepared to receive the coating and that the product adheres to the plastic, for a long lasting finish.


The next step is to mask up the area and items we are not spraying. This protects the area from over-spray. We use paper and plastic sheeting which covers all the area apart from the uPVC frames, such as the walls and floors. Window and door furniture are removed for the spraying process and refitted once we have finished.


With the preparation complete, the area is now ready to be sprayed. Our spray technicians will carefully and methodically spray paint the uPVC frames. The paint product is touch dry in minutes allowing us to apply each coat quickly to ensure a super smooth and clean finish.

Final Touches

Once the spraying process is complete the uPVC frames take minutes to dry. We remove the masking from the protected areas, replace the door or window furniture, clean up and tidy away our equipment. Leaving you to enjoy your brand new windows.

We use specialist coatings to spray

Choose a colour, any colour...

Our specialist spray paints are specifically formulated to adhere onto your windows or doors, becoming part of the existing structure. This means it won’t flake or crack like other paints do, giving you a perfectly seamless result that will stand the test of time.

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