Revitalise Your Doors with a Professional Spray Job

Your doors are focal points of your home’s exterior, but British weather doesn’t do them any favours. Faded, chipped, or cracked paint can send homeowners looking for replacement doors. Until now.

Insta Coat’s expert spray-painting service can restore any type of door, even patio and bifold doors, to their original fresh look, or re-imagine them in any colour you choose.

No matter how your doors are constructed—of composite, uPVC, or even aluminium—we have the specialised coatings and years of experience to ensure that your doors retain their colour and resist the worst that winter throws at them.

  • Immediately brighten your home's appearance
  • Give your house a new look with doors sprayed in any colour
  • Save your cost and inconvenience of replacing your doors
  • Protect your doors with a durable, weather-resistant finish
  • Put your mind at ease with a ten-year guarantee

Too many homeowners, and not a few builders, do their best to refresh doors with standard house paint. That only leads to cracks, flakes, and another round of paint. Don’t fall into that cycle. Get a professional job the first time round.

Because doors provide such an important accent to your home’s exterior, we carry a large range of colours in stock and ready for you to choose from. In case we don’t stock exactly the colour you want, we’ll match any colour you need.

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We use specialist coatings to spray

Choose a colour, any colour...

Our specialist spray paints are specifically formulated to adhere onto your windows or doors, becoming part of the existing structure. This means it won’t flake or crack like other paints do, giving you a perfectly seamless result that will stand the test of time.

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