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Aluminium and uPVC window frames are convenient alternatives to wood, but they don’t age gracefully. And unlike wooden frames, there’s a bit more to sprucing them up than a trip up the ladder with a can of paint. Many homeowners simply replace their dingy window frames. We’ve got a better idea.

Insta Coat specialises in revitalising windows quickly, expertly, and lastingly. Your windows will look at least as good as new, and your chequing account will look thousands of £s happier.

In as little as 24 hours, our experienced technicians can assess your windows, repair any minor flaws, and expertly spray them with coatings that protect them from the elements and present a cleaner, fresher face to the world. All for 20% of what you might pay for replacement windows.

  • Immediately refresh your worn and dingy windows
  • Give your house a new look with windows sprayed in any colour
  • Save thousands of dollars and days of inconvenience versus window replacement
  • Extend the life of your windows
  • Put your mind at ease with a ten-year guarantee

Homeowners are sometimes discouraged by the extra steps needed to paint modern window frames. A bit of sanding and a good brush were enough for most wooden frames, but uPVC and aluminium require specially formulated coatings and careful technique. Insta Coat knows which coatings work best for your windows, and our technicians take pride in delivering beautiful, clean-looking results that stay beautiful over time.

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We use specialist coatings to spray

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Our specialist spray paints are specifically formulated to adhere onto your windows or doors, becoming part of the existing structure. This means it won’t flake or crack like other paints do, giving you a perfectly seamless result that will stand the test of time.

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